Home Is Where We Park It Door Mat | Anti Slip Campervan Mat

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Imported. Size: Our doormat measures 15.7×23.6″ and is 1/2″ thick providing a lower profile to prevent tripping and provide an easy door clearance.
Anti-slip: The door mat is made of high quality polyester, with non slip rubber backing which prevents moisture leaks while keeping the mat in place.
Absorb Moisture & Dirt: The doormat can quickly absorb moisture and scrap off dirt, water, dust, grit, mud, sand, sleet, grass, slush, rain, snow from your shoes instantly, keeping floors clean and dry.



Embrace the spirit of adventure right at your doorstep with our “Home Is Where We Park It” door mat. This mat is more than just a way to keep your home clean; it’s a declaration of love for the open road and the freedom it represents. Designed for those who find their home wherever they park, it combines practicality with the heart of a wanderer.

Welcome to a world where adventure meets your front door. This doormat is the perfect greeting for nomads, campervan enthusiasts, and anyone who believes in the beauty of exploring. Made from durable, high-quality polyester with a non-slip rubber backing, this doormat is designed to withstand the elements while capturing the dirt, water, and debris that come with coming home from your latest journey.

Why This Doormat Is Perfect for You:

  • Low Profile & Anti-Trip: Measures 15.7×23.6″ and is 1/2″ thick, ensuring easy door clearance and a reduced risk of tripping.
  • Non-Slip Security: The quality rubber backing keeps the mat firmly in place, preventing slips and ensuring safety.
  • Efficient Cleaning: Designed to quickly absorb moisture and scrape off dirt and debris, keeping your indoor space clean and dry.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for all weather conditions and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this mat is as flexible as your adventurous lifestyle.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean – just sweep, vacuum, or rinse off with a garden hose and let air dry for deeper cleaning.

Whether you’re coming back from a cross-country trip or just stepping out to dream about your next adventure, this doormat serves as a reminder that home isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling. Bring the essence of adventure to your doorstep today with the perfect doormat.

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